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Meet our company

The company "COMAL" started its activities in 1986 as a Youth Co-op. During this period focused mainly on providing services in the field of technical ship service, and in particular repair and maintenance of ship automation. Also started services like collection and disposal of used oils from ships.


As a result of organizational changes, the company was transformed in 1990 in the company "COMAL" Sp. o.o. and has focused its development on building modern technical and technological capacity to provide services in the field of environment, especially marine.


As a result of many years of investment and cooperation with scientific centers, among others, Gdansk University and the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow, as well as specialists in the field of environmental protection has been created technological potential of a high quality standard for the collection, transport and disposal of a wide range of liquid and solid hazardous waste.


Appearing in the mid-nineties significant demand for services in the field of corrosion protection work in the repair and production shipyards, influenced the decision of creation in the Company (1995), the Department of Work of Corrosion. Company purchased specialized equipment and equipment to perform maintenance work, painting and modern methods of treatment of steel and concrete surfaces. To accomplish these services prepared cadre of experienced workers and supervisors. These services are successfully carried out on the orders mainly of Gdansk Shipyard "Repair", the Naval Shipyard in Gdynia, Ship Repair Yard "Nauta", Gdynia Shipyard and other industrial plants on the coast.


Currently, the Company "COMAL" specializes in comprehensive performance of work including its scope:

  • Storage and handling of petroleum products, bio and other liquid products.
  • storage of fuels and oils for ship repair and ship conversion and other circumstances.
  • collection, treatment and disposal of oily water, waste and oil sludge and soil contaminated with petroleum waste.
  • maritime transport.
  • road transport, including hazardous materials.
  • cleaning and washing stationary tanks and ships, tank cars and trucks.


Company "COMAL" as one of the first in the region Pomeranian obtained in 2004 "Integrated Permits" on the operation of installations for the recovery and disposal of hazardous waste. Achieved by the results of the quality processes they have gained recognition and high scores Departments of Environmental Protection Office of the Provincial and the City of Gdansk.


In the III National Competition "Environmentally Friendly", organized in 2001 under the patronage of the President of Poland, in the finals company was granted with award in the category "Recommendable Technology". For progress in the development of business and technological achievements, the company also received a personal congratulatory letters from the Minister of the Environment and the Governor Pomeranian. In 2011, the company "COMAL" launched a transshipment terminal and storage facilities used to storage and handling of petroleum products.


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Company's policy

The company COMAL Ltd. Includes in its scope of activity handling and storage of petroleum products, bio and other liquid products in relations between land and sea, storage of fuels and oils, marine, collection, purification and disposal of liquid waste oil, drilling and other disposal of solid waste, cleaning and washing stationary tanks, ship and rail and maritime transport and road transport.


The aim of our company is taking care of meeting the needs, expectations and requirements of our customers.


We achieve this goal by:

  • maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality of services to meet changing customer needs;
  • efficiency and timeliness of orders;
  • choice and use of new environmentally friendly technologies;
  • preventing and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment;
  • recruiting staff with the necessary theoretical knowledge, skills and high practical skills, aiming to their continuous professional development and raising ecological knowledge;
  • planning and identifying measurable quality objectives, affecting the development and continuous improvement processes;
  • compliance with legal requirements and other regulations related to the activities of the companies;
  • compliance with technical conditions and safety standards;
  • continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, which ensures the maintenance of a competitive market position;
  • ensuring understanding of the mission of the company by employees at all levels, through periodic training;
  • customer satisfaction survey.


The Management Company undertakes by providing the necessary resources for the implementation of the adopted policy.

Each employee is aware of the full responsibility for the quality of their work.

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