since 1986

Industrial cleaning

For many years, the COMAL company has specialized in cleaning and maintenance of land and ship fuel tanks, cleaning and washing of installations, pipelines (even of small diameter), heat exchangers, road and rail tankers, and containers. We also offer cleaning of cargo holds on cargo ships.


A comprehensive service in this area also includes the collection and disposal of oily water and sediments from the cleaned tanks. The company also cleans concrete surfaces, canals, halls, scaffolding from cement residues, glue and other contaminants. 


We offer unblocking the sewage system. The scope of our activity also includes the cleaning of land contaminated with petroleum substances. The company COMAL Sp. z o.o. from Gdańsk also specializes in the service of separators and settling tanks for fat and petroleum substances.


We offer a comprehensive service consisting of:

  • cleaning of fuel tanks;

  • cleaning of separators;

  • cleaning of settlers;

  • cleaning of sludge clarifiers;

  • cleaning of drain pipes;

  • inspection of drain pipes of concrete and steel parts and the condition of equipment in terms of their damage and failure;

  • preparation of relevant documentation;


The company has its own means of land transport for transporting both liquid and solid cargo.


For the transport of liquid hazardous waste, as well as liquid fuels, tractor units with cisterns and specialized slurry trucks with full technical and operational equipment, including those intended for the transport of hazardous materials (ADR), are used.


An additional service offered is the ventilation of tanks and cisterns. We have EX fans with a capacity of up to 32000 m3 / h. We offer a service of pumping liquid products between two tanks, cisterns, etc.


We have the appropriate equipment to perform the assigned tasks:

  • Karcher pressure washers,
  • high pressure washers up to 1,200 bar,
  • industrial vacuum cleaners,
  • fans, including EX version,
  • electric pumps in EX version with capacity up to 150 m3 / h,
  • pneumatic pumps,
  • combustion compressors,
  • safe lighting made by EX,
  • specialized slurry trucks in ADR.


We are characterized by mobility. We can work even in places where there is no access to electricity and running water. We also carry out non-standard projects tailored to the specific requirements of the client. To provide the described scope of services, the Company has all the authorizations and permits required by law, as well as a highly specialized and experienced staff and supervision staff.


Please be advised that in our activities, we attach great importance to ensuring the safety of our Employees in the implementation of tasks. We follow the adopted and implemented work rules. This is confirmed by the Quality Management System for compliance with ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015, assessed and approved by LRQA. In line with this System, we have procedures that we apply when performing services.


If you are interested, we encourage you to submit an inquiry, because we perceive each of our clients individually and we can offer competitive terms of cooperation.


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