since 1986

Sea transhipment terminal and storage of liquid products

We carry out reloading of liquid goods

in the 3rd fire safety class:

  • marine fuels: MGO, MDO and IFO
  • light and heavy fuel oils
  • diesel oils
  • biofuels

petroleum products with a flash point above 100

  • slack paraffin
  • base oils and others

out of class:

  • rapeseed oil

  • molasses

  • other liquid products


Reloading stations

The Transhipment Terminal is adapted to handle ships, rail and road tankers.


In the near future, we are planning modernization works at the terminal, thanks to which we will be able to provide our partners with reloading services of the highest technical and organizational level.


We can handle ships with a draft of up to 10 m and a length of up to 150 m.

Loading rate up to 300 m3 / h

Discharge rate up to 600 m3 / h


Railway siding

A siding with a length of 600 m, possibility of unloading up to 16 rail tanks at a time.

The reloading rate of the siding up to 270 m3 / h


Tanker truck stands

3 positions with a throughput capacity of up to 100 m3 / h



Warehouse infrastructure

Above-ground tanks with a capacity of 20,800 m3

The tanks are adapted to the storage of class III goods, petroleum products and other products.

Tank barges with a total capacity of 6000 m3

Ships – oil tankers:

ECOMAL with a capacity of 1,308 tons

ECOMAL II with a capacity of 1,322 tons


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