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Utilization of industrial waste and sewage

The main acivity in the field of environmental protection is collection, transport and disposal of:

  •  petroleum waste, including oily water;

  • ballast water, bilge water, sediment and other waste of various origins from marine vessels,

  • drilling waste;

  • industrial waste of various origins, including factories, sewage treatment plants, slaughterhouses, and oil derivatives;

  • waste generated after cleaning tanks and installations;

  • sludge, including oily sludge;

  • oily soils, aggregates;

  • other waste according to permits.



Integrated Permit


Oily Water Treatment Plant

We have a modern oily water treatment plant, ensuring the quality of discharged wastewater at the level II class of inland water purity, located at 10 Kujawska Street in Gdańsk. A closely related technological base is the Industrial Waste Utilization in Tczew.


 The sewage treatment plant includes:

  • mechanical cleaning line with a set of electrostatic precipitators and a four-stage gravity separator,

  • chemical cleaning line with a two-stage mechanical and pressure flotation system,

  • biological treatment line with activated sludge.


In order to achieve a very high degree of pollution reduction, an additional supplement to the technology used for treating oily water is ozonation of the treated wastewater.


 The technical equipment of the Plant in Tczew also enables:

  • dewatering and sedimentation of sludge, including oily sludge from external recipients, as well as from the technological process of the Oily Water Treatment Plant in Gdańsk,

  • separation and dewatering of oil-water emulsions,

  • rinsing oily soils, aggregates,

  • preparation of alternative fuel based on received solid and liquid waste,

  • neutralization through the use of waste liquor and sulfuric acid in the process.


Maximum annual capacity of the mineral oil dewatering and purification line - LFO: 50,000 Mg

Maximum annual processing capacity of the installation of liquid waste and untreated sewage - LFW: 195 200 Mg



Technical and technological potential

The Company has its own specialist technical and technological potential for the implementation of these waste collection, transport and management services:

  •  mechanical-chemical-biological treatment plant for oily water and sewage,

  • a plant for the utilization of used oils and biodegradation of soil contaminated with petroleum substances,

  • floating barges with a capacity of 100 to 1,350 m³, adapted for the transport and storage of liquid hazardous waste,

  • a set of Man and Volvo tractor units and semi-trailer tanks, adapted to the transport of hazardous materials in accordance with the requirements of ADR.


Meeting the requirements of the Waste Act of 27 April 2001 and its implementing acts, our company recovers waste oils from collected waste, using the best available technologies (BAT). Pre-treated oils are sent, among others, to plants such as Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze, for recycling.


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