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Fuels reloading

Reloading terminal and storage base COMAL provides the following services:

  • Direct handling of oil products, bio and other liquid products in a relationship with a vessel to rail tankers or tankers and reverse relationships;
  • reloading indirect versatile use of 21 000 m3 of storage capacity for the storage of liquid products which enables the handling of products in relationships:
    1. Sea vessel - storage tank;
    2. storage tank - the ship;
    3. tanker station - storage tank;
    4. storage tank - tank station;
    5. storage tank - tank;
    6. tank - storage tank.


According to the obtained permits for the terminal can handle the following types of products:

in the I class of fire hazard:

  • ethanol;

In the III class of fire hazard:

  • marine fuels such as: MGO, MDO and IFO;
  • light and heavy fuel oils;
  • diesel oil;
  • biofuel (B20, B100).

oil products with a flashpoint above 100:

  • Slack wax;
  • base oils;
  • other.

outside of class:

  • rapeseed oil;
  • molasses;
  • other liquid products.

Services are provided fairly and professionally in a safe manner by qualified personnel with years of experience in the industry. We provide a high level of security and care to settlement products. We invite you to cooperation.



Reloading Infrastructure

COMAL Reloading Terminal and storage Base technological system allows receipt and discharge of products in relationships:

  • rail tank - storage tanks - vessel
  • ship - storage tanks - tanks railway.
  • road tankers - tanks - road tankers.

These operations can be performed also in direct relationship without storage tanks.


WATERFRONT loading and unloading.

Wharf unloading - loading dock dolphin, which includes: Communication pier, six mooring dolphins. Dolphin 3 and 4 combined bridges of communication. All mooring dolphins are equipped with devices for mooring and servicing ships (bollards).


Consent Captain Port of Gdańsk on a mooring includes a ship with: up to 100 m. And draft of 6.20 m. In special cases it is possible to use vessels of up to 10,000 DWT. The distance between dolphins is 131.5 m.


Rata loading of the product on the ship:

  • Heavy oils - 250 - 300 m3 / hour.
  • Light oils, ethanol - 175 - 300 m3 / h.
  • Install discharge from the ship: - max to 600 m3 / hr.


FRONT-LOADING unloading railway tanks

Railway siding operated by Reloading terminal and storage base Comal is designed to:

  • Reception of groups and individuals tankers loaded at the unloading and loading in vain;
  • Unloading and loading of rail tankers;
  • Performing any shunting associated with the need to move rail tankers;
  • Transfer rail tankers loaded and empty.


Siding own normality-track (in Reloading terminal and storage base Comal). Overall length: 597.70 m, consisting of tracks:

  • number 1 lane access road;
  • track 2 loading tankers with a capacity of 16 4-axis (length 12.8 m);
  • track 3 loading tankers with a capacity of 12 4-axis (length 12.8 m).

For the purposes of Terminal circuit is an acceptance of railway tanks with a useful length of 644.4 m.

Siding is operated around the clock.


Rata reloading siding:

loading / unloading railway tanks - up to 100 m3 / hour.


FRONT LOADING tank truck

Reloading Transshipment terminal and storage base Comal has two positions pouring-receiving tankers with installment leveler to 90 m3 / hr.