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Fuels reloading


According to the obtained permits on the basis, the following types of products can be handled:

in the first
class of fire hazard :

  • ethyl alcohol, ethanol;

in the third class of fire hazard:

  • marine fuels such as: MGO, MDO and IFO;
  • light and heavy fuel oils;
  • diesel oils;
  • biofuels;


petroleum products with a flash point above 100:

  • slack wax;
  • base oils;
  • different;


beyond the class:

  • rapeseed oil;
  • molasses;
  • other liquid products.


The services are provided reliably and professionally in a safe manner by qualified personnel with many years of experience in the industry. We provide a high level of security and diligence in the settlement of products. We cordially invite you to cooperation.



1. Loading and unloading quay.

Mooring possibilities:

  • up to 100m in length
  • dipping to 7.00 m
  • vessels up to 10,000 DWT

Loading of the product on the ship:

  • heavy oils - 250-300m3/h;
  • light oils, ethanol - 175-300m3/h;
  • unloading discharge from ship - up to 600m3/h


2. Loading and unloading of railway tanks.

Possibility of transhipment from railway tankers thanks to its own normal track track (on the premises of TPiBM Comal).

  • load and take-off track with a length of 644,40m;
  • railway siding with a length of 577.70 m
    - access track no. 1;
    - transshipment track no. 2 with a capacity of 16 4-axle tanks (for tanks with a length of 12.8 m);;
    - transshipment track no. 3 with a capacity of 12 4-axle tanks (for tanks with a length of 12.8 m).

Siding overloading:       

  • loading / unloading of railway tanks - up to 100 m3 / hour.


3. Loading and unloading of semi-trailer tankers.

Trans-shipment terminal and Comal Storage Base have two filling and receiving stations for road tankers with a transhipment installment up to 90 m3 / h.


The railway siding as well as the entire infrastructure is operated 24 hours a day.


Infrastruktura magazynowa

1. Storage tanks with a total capacity of 21 000m3.

2. Tank barges with a total capacity of up to 6,000m3.

3. Tanks with a total capacity of 60m3.

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