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Industrial cleaning

Company "COMAL" specialized for many years in the cleaning and maintenance of fuel tanks on land, ship, cleaning and washing systems, pipelines (even small diameter), heat exchangers, tank trucks and rail containers. We also offer cleaning of cargo on cargo ships.


Comprehensive service in this area also includes the collection and disposal of oily water and sludge from the cleaned tanks. The company is also engaged in cleaning of concrete surfaces, channels, halls, scaffolds with residues of cement, adhesives and other contaminants.


We offer the drains unblocking. The scope of our activities also includes the decontamination of land contaminated by petroleum. The company COMAL Sp. o.o. specializes in the service of separators, fat and oil derivatives


We offer a comprehensive service consisting in:

  • the removal of waste accumulated in the separator;
  • cleaning clarifiers sludge;
  • rinse and wash separator;
  • cleaning drain pipe ends;
  • check the parts of concrete and steel and the state of the equipment in terms of damage and failure;
  • preparation of documentation related to the above work;


The company has its own means of land transport for the transport of both cargo liquid or solid. For transportation of liquid hazardous waste, as well as liquid fuels are used in numerous sets of tractors with tanks with capacities up to 26 m³, as well as cars specialized tankers with full instrumentation technical and operating, including for the transport of hazardous materials (ADR). Additional service is offered ventilate tanks, cisterns.


We have ventilators in the EX version with a capacity of 32000m3 / h. We offer a service to pump liquid products between the two tanks, cisterns, etc.


We have the right equipment to perform the contracted tasks.

  • Karcher pressure washer,
  • pressure washers up to 1200 bar,
  • industrial vacuum cleaners,
  • ventilators in the EX version.
  • pump electrical EX with capacities up to 150m3 / h,
  • pneumatic pumps,
  • compressors, internal combustion,
  • Lighting safe EX version,
  • cars specialized tankers in ADR.


We characterize in full mobility. We can do the work even in places where there is no access to electricity and running water. We also realize unusual projects tailored to specific customer requirements. To provide a range of services described, the company has all the required permissions regulations and permits, as well as highly specialized and experienced staff and supervision.


We inform you that in our activities we attach great importance to ensure the safety of our employees in the implementation of tasks. We act according to the adopted and implemented work rules This is confirmed by the Quality Management System for compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 assessed and approved by Lloyd's. According to this System we have procedures that we use during the service.


If you are interested, we encourage you to submit the inquiry, because each of our customers perceive individually and we can offer competitive conditions of cooperation. We invite you to cooperation.