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Permits - Environmental Protection

The Company obtained permits and decisions to allow a wide range of transport, collect, recover and dispose hazardous waste and non-hazardous. Below is a summary list of waste which may Comal transport, receive and neutralize within their permits and decisions:


Comal has required by law, the following permits and decisions:

1. Integrated Permit for the operation of installations for the recovery and disposal of hazardous waste (Waste Water Treatment Plant) and storage of hazardous waste in the cargo terminal and the Warehouse Base Comal in Gdansk:

2. Decision manufacturing authorization with regard to authorization for the collection, recovery and disposal of waste in the system Disposal Plant Waste Oil in Tczew:

3. A certificate of entry in the register of regulated activity in the collection of municipal waste from property owners in the City of Gdansk No. WW-I-6235.80.2013.BA / 273753 dated 10.09.2013 r.

4. The decision on the transport of waste No. WW-I-6233.69.2013.AS.273747 dated 10.21.2013 issued by the President of Gdansk.