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Utylizacja odpadów przemysłowych

The company has specialized for many years in the collection, transport and treatment of waste oil, including the oily water, drilling waste and other industrial. For the realization of these services, the Company has its own specialized technical and technological potential, namely:

  • mechanical-chemical-biological waste oily water and wastewater,
  • rendering plant oils and biodegradable land contaminated by petroleum,
  • floating barge with a capacity from 100 to 1,350 m³, adapted for the transport and storage of liquid hazardous waste
  • band-type tractors Man, Volvo and tanks hooh-on, adapted for the carriage of dangerous goods in accordance with the requirements of ADR.

Fulfilling the requirements of the Waste Act of 27 April 2001 and executive acts, our company is engaged in the recovery of waste oils from waste collected, using the best available technology (BAT). Oils after pretreatment are transmitted among other institutions such as Refinery Jedlicze, to be subject of recycling.


Oily water treatment plant

Our company has a modern sewage oily water, ensuring quality results of discharged wastewater at second class of purity inland waters. It is located 10, street Kujawska in Gdansk.


The treatment consists of:

  • a string of mechanical treatment with a team of electrostatic precipitators and four-gravity separator,
  • sequence of chemical treatment of the two-stage system of mechanical flotation and pressure,
  • string biological treatment with activated sludge.


In order to obtain a very high degree of pollution reduction, an additional complement to the technology used for cleaning oily water is treated wastewater with ozonation.

 Below are some basic technical data of the new installation:

Building area

799,33 m2

Built-up anti spills  area outside

423,94 m2

The floor area

1161,15 m2

Cubic capacity       

7130 m3

The maximum annual capacity of the line draining and cleaning of mineral oil - LFO

50 000 Mg

The maximum annual processing capacity of installation of liquid waste and untreated sewage - LFW

195 200 Mg









Industrial Waste Utilization Plant in Tczew

Industrial Waste Utilization Plant in Tczew is closely related with technology in facilities Oily Water Treatment Plant. The task of the Department is to receive waste oils, dehydration, storage and transfer to target customers for further processing. Generated during the process sewage and oily water, are transferred to the Treatment of oily water of our company.


Technical Equipment of the Department in Tczew also allows to:

  • drainage and sedimentation deposits, including oily sludge derived from external customers, as well as from the technological process of oily water treatment plant in Gdansk,
  • separation and dewatering of oil-water emulsion
  • flushing oily soil, aggregates,
  • preparation of alternative fuel based on adopted solid and liquid waste,
  • disposal of waste liquor and sulfuric acid through the use in the process,.


With the legally required permits for waste generation, including the reception and storage, Utilization Plant in Tczew extends the companies profile of disposal of above mentioned waste.